CodeBlockEndTag (VS 2015/2017)

This extension for VisualStudio 2015 and 2017 adds a tag to every closing bracket of a code block. These tags help you to understand and navigate your code faster.




With this VisualStudio 2015/2017 extension installed you get an info tag for each block of code, including an unique icon for each type of header / condition and the header text.






Supported Languages

Right now, only C# is supported by this extension.

However, there're plans to support C/C++, PowerShell, JavaScript, CoffeScript, TypeScript, CSS, LESS and SASS in the future. But they don't come with a decent TextStructureNavigator implemented in VisualStudio, so it may take some time.


Main Features

  • Header information for each block of code
  • Icons for each type of condition / header. Eg: public class , do while , ...
  • Fast navigation to the header of the code block by clicking the tag
  • Only show tags when header not visible option (recommended for best result)


Option page

This extension gives you these options



Project sources

The VSCodeBlockEndTag project is hosted on GitHub.


Inspiration & Thanks

This feature was inspired by VSCommands: VisualStudio GalleryGitHubWebsite

Sadly, this extension isn't available for VisualStudio 2015 with the CodeBlogTagger feature. So i decided to implement it myself.


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