This extension for VisualStudio 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022 adds a tag to every closing bracket of a code block. These tags help you to understand and navigate your code faster.





With this VisualStudio 2015/2017/2019/2022 extension installed you get an info tag for each block of code, including an unique icon for each type of header / condition and the header text.





Supported Languages

Right now, only C# is supported by this extension.

However, there're plans to support C/C++, PowerShell, JavaScript, CoffeScript, TypeScript, CSS, LESS and SASS in the future. But they don't come with a decent TextStructureNavigator implemented in VisualStudio, so it may take some time.

Main Features

  • Header information for each block of code
  • Icons for each type of condition / header. Eg: public class , do while , ...
  • Fast navigation to the header of the code block by clicking the tag
  • Only show tags when header not visible option (recommended for best result)

Option page

This extension gives you these options


It now supports native Visual Studio Font and Colors options. So you can now change the font, size and color of the tags. Even Themes can set a color for you.

Project sources

The VSCodeBlockEndTag project is hosted on GitHub.

Inspiration & Thanks

This feature was inspired by VSCommands: VisualStudio GalleryGitHubWebsite

Sadly, this extension isn't available for VisualStudio 2015 with the CodeBlogTagger feature. So i decided to implement it myself.

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