The Polymer library is great! But sometimes you're in need of an array while having only field variables. This Polymer Element will help.





The Array-Composer is a Polymer element which combines up to 10 data fields to a one-dimensional array you can use in further data binding. So if you're in need of an array for a binding, just use this element to create one.


The Array-Composer project is hosted on GitHub.

Install package

You can install the package from and add this element to your project:

$ bower install array-composer

To use the bower command, you'll need some dev tools first:

  1. Git
  2. Node.js

Install both and then run this command to install bower to the global node cache:

$ npm install -g bower

See the offical bower help for more details.


Find the complete demo source here: Demo on GitHub

There are three variables: field0, field1, field2

To create an array from these variables use the following code:

<array-composer array="{{inputArray}}" length="3" f0="[[field0]]" f1="[[field1]]" f2="[[field2]]"></array-composer>

You can then use the inputArray variable in further bindings, like this:

<template is="dom-repeat" items="{{inputArray}}">
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