Have you ever wanted to check with one of your Tasker for Android tasks if a specific app is currently running? Or, do you want to have a Tasker profile doing this instead?

Version 7.0





This app is a simple extension to Tasker for Android, which enabled you to test within your tasks if one or more apps are currently running.

Within version 3.0 there is also a state plug-in. This enables you to have a Tasker profile started once a defined app is started or stopped equaly.


Starting with version 7.0 the version number matches the major Android version it is designed for.

Also starting with version 7.0 this app needs Root privilegues to acquire a list of running processes. This is because of Android's improved security policies.

Profiles and background service

Due to Androids security policy - not to tell when other apps are started or stopped - the latest feature, the state plug-in introduced with version 2, requires to use a background service to monitor the running apps continuously. This service looks at all running processes in an interval of 15 seconds, per default. It then sets the correct Tasker profile to either started or stopped. With version 2.1 you can choose the test interval yourself. Also, you may not monitor apps while the display is off (recommented).

The service is only used if you make use of the new Tasker state plug-in within one or many profiles.

The use of this service may result in reduced batter life!

Setup a Task

Have a look at the gallery below. You will see that this app adds a new easy-setup plug-in to Tasker.

All you need to do is, to select the Processes running plug-in and click on the small pencil button to start the configuration.

For its configuration, two inputs are needed:

  1. The package name(s) of the app(s) you want to check. You may use the App button to select one of the installed or currently running processes.
  2. You need to specify which variable should be set to 'true' (string) once the check is performed and the selected apps are running. You may also use the Var button to select one of Taskers variables.

Setup a Profile

Version 2 added a new state plug-in, which enables you to have a profile that is activated once the chosen apps are started.

With version 2.1 you not only choose an app for configuration, but also set the test interval and display-on option. The interval specifies how much time (in seconds) may pass between each check. The background service will always use the smallest interval, in case use have more than one profile configured. By default each profile is configured not to be checked if the display is off (recommented). You may choose to check app states if the display is off, but this can cause reduced battery life.

Project sources

Here you'll find the apps sources, if you're registered and loged in.

This project is a mere modification of the Toast and the Display examples from the Tasker plug-in samples. You can get them here: Plugins-Intro.

So, due to its heritage, this project is licenced under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy here: Apache Licence, Version 2.0.

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